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Family-Match is a data-driven application designed to promote permanency for children in foster care through compatibility matching.

Adoption-Share’s intuitive Family-Match Program matches children with compatible families.

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Through Adoption-Share’s proprietary matching system, Family-Match generates connection the moment new candidates are identified and allows caseworkers the opportunity to connect with families directly.

*Matches, placements, and adoptions are reflective of work in Florida from our launch in July 2018.

Our fastest family matched on Family-Match was 2 days! Do you want to be next?

Thanks to the Selfless Love Foundation’s generous support, Adoption-Share’s Family-Match Program has been launched in Florida at no cost to families or child welfare agencies.

Did you know over 100,000 children in the United States Foster Care System are waiting to be adopted right now?

Thanks to the generosity and support of the Selfless Love Foundation, Adoption-Share is able to implement its Family-Match Program in Florida at no cost to families or child placement agencies in the state!

"We’ve adopted two children from foster care. We waited over one year the first time, but with our second child we registered on Family-Match and in less than two months we were matched. I know it was because we were able to create a profile on Family-Match which allowed us to share videos, photos, and paint a story of our family for case workers over the entire state of Florida to have access to. We are so grateful for Family-Match!”

- Albrecht Family​

"We waited over one year to be matched with a child and almost gave up. In less than one month of registering on Family-Match, we were matched with two siblings and adopted them in less than three months. I hope our story gives hope to other families not to give up on your dream of adopting”

– Brennan Family​

We welcome child welfare agencies in Florida
to create an account on Family-Match!

Family-Match promotes a simplified workflow for overburdened caseworkers, saves states money, and enhances the welfare of children in state care by promoting placement stability.

Adoption-Share and Selfless Love Foundation partnered together to help find forever families for foster children in Florida.

Adoption-Share’s Family-Match program is an innovative technology that uses a compatibility assessment created by former senior researchers at eHarmony to better match foster children with their forever family. 180+children matched in just one year!

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We’re recognized for our groundbreaking technology and our work that allows us to advocate for permanency for children, usher in adoptions, and bring together entire state agencies- including caseworkers, families, and children- into one place.